“It's amazing what one leap of faith and a kick ass photographer can do to one person's self-worth” 

I have known Kima since high school. We were in band together, and I have always admired her sense of self. She has always been unapologetically


the goth queen. 👸🏻

I went with Kima to her first session at Katlins and boy was she nervous. It was in the middle of a hot Indiana summer and Kima showed up in a black hoodie!!! She was giggling, squirming in my car and just, well, NERVOUS! I wanted to talk to Kima about her first session because I know it changed her. She booked the very next session Katlin offered and made it a BFF session and all the results from both were nothing short than amazing! 

How were you feeling the day of your boudoir session?

I booked my first session months in advance so I couldn't talk myself out of doing it (I was nervous for months). The day of my shoot I was so nervous! I was sweaty and felt sick to my stomach and I was trying to hide in my hoodie on a hot day!

What was your favorite part about your boudoir session?

I would have to say my favorite part of the session was being able to come out of my shell. Also the rainfall set I fell at least 5 times but it was worth it to see those pictures at the end. 

What did you take away from your boudoir experience?

The best thing that I took away from my experience is that stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something like this made me feel so much more confident with myself and pushed me to see myself in a whole new way.

What made you choose Katlin Lee Photography for your boudoir experience?

Her reputation proceeds itself!!! She is absolutely amazing! Everyone I know recommended her and I was not disappointed at all! She is amazing to work with and understands that on your first shoot you’re nervous as hell. She gets down on the ground with you, laughs with you, and by the end of it you feel like family and you have known her for years. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

How did you feel when you got your images back? 

Honestly, I was speechless. I didn't think it was possible for myself to look that good. I cried when I got them back. 

What made you book again?

What made me book again was the fact that Katlin goes above and beyond her job to make you feel great about yourself, and you can see that in your images when you get them back. She puts so much effort, love, kindness, and care into her work that it's hard to not come back over and over again. 

Anything else you’d like to add about your experience? 

I want to add that the whole experience overall for me was definitely a massive perspective change on myself. I have never thought I was pretty or could be someone to pull off any kind of pictures like this. I was the person who always hid from the camera. Doing this has made me open up and look at myself differently. I see myself as someone with enough confidence in myself to wear that outfit and rock how I look! 

Cassie JohnsBrand Ambassador