Today I want to talk about being boldly and unapologetically, you.

It’s such a freeing feeling.

What is holding you back from being you?

Is it your friends, family, work?

For awhile it was all 3 for me. 

I didn’t have the right friends that loved me for me.

They loved me because I was convenient for them.

It wasn’t real.

If you are not being your genuine self, you will never find people that love you for being you! You will never have anything that feels real when you have to be fake around someone. 

My family and I don’t agree on a lot of things. One of these things is me being me. My morals, my style, my interests. Some of them want me to just be like them and have no differing opinions or viewpoints. If your family is stressing you out about small, tiny things or they are detrimental to your mental health, find new family. I know that sounds crazy and I’m not telling you to throw away your children and partner, but you CAN choose your family!!! My friends ARE my family.

“Family” are the people that love and support you no matter what, unconditional love. 

Work. Oh work. Do you love your job? I do, now. It’s amazing how 40 hours in a week can absolutely drain you when you’re unhappy. I have pretty much been in retail since 19. For a lot of my working career I had to maintain a professional appearance. I now work for a company that CELEBRATES uniqueness in both your style and personality! It was honestly a big deciding factor for me. I always want to be my most authentic self and I feel like my past jobs have held me back from that. 

Boudoir has opened up my eyes to how I can still be myself in my body that I may or make not like! I hear girls all the time saying “I need to lose weight before a shoot” “I don’t like my body so I won’t like my photos” and boy, are you so wrong. Boudoir GIVES you confidence. You see the body you hate looking so magnificent and you think “hey, maybe my body isn’t so bad”.

What makes you hate your body?

The body that gave you children? The body that has gotten you through your life to today? The body that is simply a shell of who you actually are! We know magazine and celebrities are photoshopped, why are you comparing yourself to something that isn’t real? How will you ever meet that expectation? 

The sooner you stop caring about other peoples’ judgement the sooner you can be free from giving a damn about anyones opinions on YOUR LIFE! I’m not trying to come off harsh, I’m trying to get you to look inside yourself and drill down to the root cause issue. You have no one to impress but yourself, and when you impress yourself it is such a great feeling!!! Everything I do, I do for me. For my mental health, for my gratification, for my happiness, for my confidence in myself. 

How your body looks doesn’t matter. Your character does. How kind you are matters. Who you are matters. You matter, no matter your size. 


Wear the shorts. 

Eat the second piece of cake. 

Get in the pool.

Color your hair.

Do the shoot. 

Be happy without fear of judgement! 

Be your own person!

Stop giving a damn what other people think of you! 

— Cassie Johns — Brand Ambassador —